Sale of IMPACTXO Coins

The Impact Earth Foundation is raising funds by selling IMPACTXO Coins.

The nominal value of each IMPACTXO Coin will be USD 1 and it is possible to participate with a minimum of 10 USD. The maximum number of tokens that can be purchased at any one time is limited to 1 million USD. The total supply of tokens is 100 million.

The tokens will be distributed to the coin holders after the post ICO audit. This can take up to seven working days. The tokens distributed to the founders will not be traded within 6 months after the ICO ends.

Pay with

ICO bonus

Early supporters will be offered a discount depending on when you join the ICO:

# of TokensDiscountTotal discount

High Investment Bonus

A minimum investment above 50.000 USD will receive an additional bonus according to the table below:

Participation amountBonus
50.000 USD3%
150.000 USD5%

During the pre-ICO and ICO, we accept payment in fiat currency or crypto currency. The USD will be the base currency for calculating the participation amount. For other currencies or crypto currency, the most recent exchange rate will be applied.