Impact Earth Bounty

We believe in rewarding the enthusiastic ambassadors and early adopters. We are excited to announce our Bounty program for IMPACTXO Coin based on Ethereum blockchain originated by Impact Earth

What is Impact Earth?

The Mission of Impact Earth is to offer complete sustainable Impact Investments Solutions fully managed on the blockchain that will reduce CO2 and will assist in creating sustainable communities in Developing Countries. Impact Earth will be the go to place for companies that want to improve their Sustainability Development Goals (SDG) or reduce their carbon footprint.

Impact Earth is to use blockchain technology to revolutionize the Impact Investment world.

Impact investing is a way of investing that creates financial returns for the investor and that makes the world a better and more sustainable place at the same time. Impact projects are typically designed to make communities more sustainable and reduce CO2, to create jobs and provide people with means to improve their livelihood and generate income which will enable them to repay the investors. However, in many cases these investments are difficult to find, not transparent, difficult to manage and measure. Investment funds, institutions, companies and governments are struggling to do so.

The mother company of Impact Earth, Transparent Concepts, has developed a flexible blockchain architecture as a service model based on the Connect Market Protocol. This will revolutionize the impact investment world by developing a clear digital identity for each and every impact asset, making the whole lifecycle of the investment transparent and much easier to manage. Even the housing system developed by a famous architect is modular and will be put on the blockchain.

At the same time has Impact Earth access to many interesting Impact Investment opportunities and we will practice what we preach by making investments yielding good financial and social returns. Creating transparent and manageable investments in affordable housing, Eco-lodges, solar farms, etc, in any country in need of development. The blockchain technology combined with investments in these projects will generate good financial returns for the coin holder and will generate a wealth in social return for people in need of development.


IMPACTXO is a Coin with a blockchain service company as well as real tangible assets supporting its value. 30% of the value is invested in further developing the blockchain platform as well as participating in the modular housing system and 70% is invested impact investments. This creates a unique Coin backed by the IMPACTXO Platform, a blockchain service for transparent investments on top of a portfolio of real estate assets.


Impact Earth will make profits by offering the blockchain platform as a service to a 114 billion USD (2016) industry as well as investing in niche real estate development projects in emerging markets. The investments will provide a base profit and the platform as a service will generate a lucrative upside. You will have the chance to own a Coin backed by real estate which is traditionally the number one wealth creation tool and make the world a better place by making impact investments more transparent and accessible.

Benefits of IMPACTXO Coin

  • 70% is invested in real tangible real estate asset to provide strong basic support for its value which will reap the following advantages
    • A price based on the underlying asset value of the properties
    • A link to inflation and a higher probability of increasing in value since real estate increases in value with inflation
    • Little correlation to the dynamics of the cryptocurrency exchanges
  • 30% is used to further develop a blockchain service that will support a 114 billion USD industry
  • Quarterly distribution of profits to IMPACTXO Coin holders whit a first distribution already 6 months after the completion of the ICO. This is possible because of the underlying investment portfolio and will provide a quick tangible return.
  • A Coin that will be tradable on the biggest exchanges

Additionally, the IMPACTXO Coin will be a good start for cryptocurrency holders aspiring to diversify their investments by investing in a cryptocurrency linked to real estate assets and services in the fiat currency world.

The whitepaper is available at the following the link:

Coin Distribution Quota

We have allocated a budget of 5% (5.000.000 Coins) of the total Coin supply dedicated to marketing and marketing support. 50% of this budget is available for this bounty. It is important to quickly get the word out about the setup of a fund through the creation of a Coin a for real estate development.

We look forward to offering conscious investors the chance to create wealth while making a difference in the community. Impact Earth Coin will be backed by real estate in emerging markets around the world. Projects will be focused on social housing, eco-lodges, green projects and sustainable developments such as solar farms.

Step by Step Bounty Instructions

To receive an bounty reward of Impact Earth, please proceed as follows:

General Terms

  • Registration will be based on your account.
  • In order to qualify, you must be a member of, at least at Jr Member level, registered before November 26, 2017.
  • You must post at least 5 messages in each week (minimum posts 80 characters, off-topic section not counted) and like three social media accounts of Impact Earth. Failing to do so will disqualify you from the bounty.
  • Please make decent comments and get others to sign on to the bounty as well.
  • Accounts that get banned will not be allowed to participate in the bounty or be rewarded any Coins. As long as you satisfy the above conditions, you will be auto-accepted, no manual review any more.
  • Dev/founder accounts and different fund accounts will not participate in the bounty.

Signature REWARDS

  • Legendary members : 100 coins per week
  • Hero members : 70 coins per week
  • Senior members : 60 coins per week
  • Full members : 50 coins per week
  • Members : 20 coins per week
  • Jr. Members : 10 coins per week
  • Additional rewards are available for users that add the IMPACTXO to their signature. From the signatures, three winners will be chosen by Impact Earth who will be rewarded with 1000 coins (first place), 500 coins (second place) and 250 coins (third place)

Distribution will be based on the amount of messages you post on a weekly basis until the end of the ICO which is 31st of March.

Social Media Campaign

  • 1 Coin for liking and following our Facebook page
  • 1 Coin for liking and following our twitter account
  • 1 Coin for signing up to Telegram
  • 1 Coin for subscribing to our Reddit channel
  • 1 Coin per shared Reddit message
  • 1 Coin for retweeting on twitter or sharing on Facebook and Telegram
  • YouTube: 500 coins for creation of min 1 minute long YouTube video that generates min 50,000 views

Bitcointalk message rewards

  • 1 Coin per message in Bitcointalk until the 15th of December and 0,5 Coin per message between the 15th of December and the 20th of December

Social platforms

Ready to join the Bounty?

Payments will be issued after completion of the ICO.

Do you have any Questions?

Email us at [email protected] for assistance.